TSLD and TRLD Series

TSLD and TRLD Series - Tracking Synchro to DC and Tracking Resolver to DC Converter Industry Standard Module Size, Isolated Reference and Signal input Options


  • Infinite Resolution 
  • Limited Angle Units require no reference
  • Insensitive to input amplitude variations
  • Accepts bi-directional input data
  • Hi accuracy
  • Multiplexed units available
  • Synchro & Reference Inputs Transformer Isolated
  • No adjustments required
  • Output short circuit protected


The TSLD/ TRLD Converters use an internal, solid state type II servo loop to actually track the rotary shaft input, continuously converting it to a precise (real time) linear DC voltage (or 4-20 ma. current) corresponding directly to the input shaft position.

The internal type II servo-loop provides both of the benefits of a dynamic lag free response (higher speeds) with a crisp and ultra-stable output approaching, or at zero speed input.

Because the converter naturally maintains a maximum 5 millivolt ripple (on the DC output); filtering is neither employed or required, providing continuous clean and jitter-free output suitable for use in many variable speed applications.

The ratiometric conversion allows the synchro/ resolver sensor to operate over -20 to +125 degrees C temperatures with no degradation of output.

These converters have an anti-deadband feature that prevents any true discontinuity of the output over zero crossings. A minimum of .012% (typical) hysterisis is applied to the decoders internal servo loop; to insure a jitter-free response and finite definition of both 0 and 359.9 angles.

A linear DC velocity output is available for speed regulation, and high accuracy linear DC velocity outputs are optioned for use as tachometer feedback and/or speed synchronizing applications.

A simple two-wire terminal change distinguishes clockwise verse counter clockwise rotation for an increasing output S1 with S3.

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