SDC40 and RDC40 Series

SDC40 and RDC40 Series - Industry Standard Module size with Highest Accuracy 40 arc"


  • Continous conversion-tracking converter
  • High accuracy and resolution isolated reference and synchro input
  • Full accuracy at high synchro speeds
  • Velocity output available
  • Insensitive to input amplitude and frequency variations
  • Units .82" H or .42"H available
  • Complete synchronization to the computer
  • Smallest available
  • No adjustments required
  • Accepts bi-directional input data
  • Low cost
  • Repairable or hermetically sealed units available


The SDC series are low cost, miniature, continuous tracking, synchro or resolver to digital converters designed for military and industrial control applications. They will accept any 3 wire synchro or 4 wire resolver input and convert it into 14, 12 or 10 bit natural binary angle data.

Angular input rates of up to 1440 degrees/second can be tracked with no accuracy degradation.

Data is continuously available, accurate, and always fresh up to the maximum input rate. This series of converters is insensitive to signal and reference amplitude variations, frequency variations and power supply variations, due to the basic ratiometric conversion technique used. In addition, rated accuracy applies over the operating temperature range.

Units with Low Power Shottky Logic, 883 Level B Processing & Internal 60Hz. transformers are also offered. These features make the SDC series the smallest, easiest to use and most accurate units available in their price range.

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