Heavy Duty Resolver with Linear DC or 4-20ma. Current Loop Outputs.


  • No Wipers or "Brushes" to Bounce or Wear
  • Position Sensor & Tachometer in One Unit
  • Full 360 degree Absolute Position Outputs, no stops
  • Reliable even in High Speed Applications
  • Optional Wider -40 degree C to +85 degree C Operating Temperature Range Models
  • Lag-Free Dynamic Response
  • Highest Resistance to Shock and Vibration
  • Infinite Resolution, .01 degree Repeatability
  • High Accuracy and Linearity
  • Continous Rotation, Smooth Analog Output
  • Limitted Range and Multiturn Options
  • Dual Bearing Supports/Overhung Loads
  • Very Low (Negligable) Temperature Drift


Computer Conversions Everpot is a True Brushless Resolver with analog outputs that overcomes the limitations of conventional potentiometers in motion control and absolute position sensing applications that demand ruggedness, durability, and accurate continuous feedback with higher speeds and under adverse environmental conditions.

The Brushless resolver is basically a two stage, air-coupled rotary transformer, having precision shielded ball bearings as the only physical contact between the casing (stator), and the rotary shaft input (rotor). The Resolver biases internally generated AC signals into signals that are ratiometrically proportionate to the angular position of the shaft which are internally converted into an accurate and linear analog output voltage (or current) provided as output.

Because transformer couplings are used both to excite and retrieve data: wipers, slip rings, brushes, or contacts are neither used or required.

Unlike conventional potentiometers, because the EverpotTM has no wipers or brushes: brush bounce, misalignment, corrosion or pitting, dithering and wear related problems do not exist, and infinite repeatable feedback can be expected. Unlike capacitive pots; EverpotsTM do not exhibit large temperature drift on the signal outputs.

The output provides a continuous linear and accurate responce over a full 360o worth of motion without any deadband, or stops making the EverpotTM ideal for many motion control and even real-time highspeed applications.

The EverpotTM uses an internal, solid state, type II servo-loop that actually tracks the rotary shaft input realtime. The output is dynamic and continuous without any lag all the way upto the maximum specified tracking rate of the unit. The analogous nature of the output provides virtually infinite resolution for smooth, clean, and crisp, repeatable, response.

Position Output Selections:

EverpotTM is available with 0 to +10VDC outputs, +10VDC, +5VDC, and even 4-20ma. cuurent loop type outputs. Normally over 360o operation; limited range models are provided for Dancer and limited angle applications, and Multiturn units providing absolute position feedback upto 128 turns full scale are available for extended range and linear type applications.

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