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Computer Conversions Corporation is an electronics industry leader in the design and manufacturing of synchro converters, amplifiers, displays and encoders, brushless resolver packages, and related computer bus interface cards for the military and industrial market place. Standard low cost units to satisfy almost any synchro/resolver or shaft interfacing requirement are available either off the shelf, or with very short lead times.

All units are supplied in either commercial, industrial or military temperature ranges. Static and Dynamic testing is performed on all units, and test data is included at no additional cost.

Computer Conversions Quality assurance Program Conforms to AS9100 and ISO-9002, and source inspection is available upon request.

Qualification and/or environmental testing are available, burn-in and thermal shock burn-ins to our standards or customer specifications can also be provided.

We are the proud recipient of the Boeing Company "Presidents Award" for outstanding support to Boeing programs.

Sub-systems and system support and responsibilities assured throughout, from the mechanical rotary shaft input, to your intended software and application, and all assurances in between.

We don't just manufacture the Resolver Sensor-Transducer Assembly or the Converter Interface, we deliver the whole sub-system solution, with the mechanical to electrical expertise to "position you where you need to be".  Wide operating temperature range without temperature drift, facilitate long cables, EMI-RFI immunity, low-nil EMI generation, guaranteed accuracy, auto-calibration... virtually any application, any environment, with the very highest technologically assured MTBF.  

We have proven expertise in many years of specializing in the design and manufacture of very high reliability replacements for Optical Encoders and Magnetic Encoders from applications where failure had proven often yet was - is simply not an acceptable option.  

Our customers are those requiring technologically assured demonstrable reliability, and absolute precision, in demanding and often environmentally challenging applications.

We service commercial, industrial, medical, and defense companies, government research laboratories and institutions, reclamation and water-works, and the armed services through Naval, Aircraft, antenna, radar, networking, platform stabilization, Gyro retrofits, upgrades, repeaters, UAV's, and related applications, in addition to trainers, test-stands, ATE, and simulators in the global marketplace.

In industry our products are well used in: Locomotives, Elevators, Medical Radiology, Ice-pop packaging machines, Tire Manufacturing Machinery, Aircraft Simulators, Pre-Flight Testers, and Trainers, Engine Test Stands, Turbine Throttle Controls, Packaging Machines, Tissue and T. P. manufacturing Machines, Cup diameter inspection and packaging-manufacturing machines, Automotive Manufacturing Plants, Automotive conveyor positioners, Cater-pillar take-off units, Iron Hands, Paint Spray Robots, Hoists, Lifts, Rotary Tables, Automated Assembly Machines, Welding and Weld-Seam Inspection Machines, Printing Lines, Material Handling Systems, and Robots, Autonomous Vehicles, refractory manipulators and ovens, sports broadcasting vehicles, Steel Mills, and Steel Mill Processing Equipment, Side guides, Loopers, Coke Ovens, Forging Presses and Manipulators, Wind-mills, Dam Sluice-Gates, Gantry Cranes, Refineries, Fuel Rod Positioners, Rad-Waste Cranes, Canning Lines, Meteorological instruments, Tank-farms, to screen hoists and automatons used in theater, and many more applications.

We are the proud recipients of The BOEING Company Presidents Award.

We are a Small Business Concern.

We are a Self-Certified Woman Owned Small Business.

We have been supporting our customers since April 1968, and have not as of yet had to render a single product obsolete. 

Thank you for your interest in Computer Conversions Corporation, our products, our personnel, and our offerings.

We look forward to the opportunity to be at your service, to help you procure items needed to achieve mutually beneficial reliability, in the intended application, with excellent value, over the long term.


In the data bus related arena, we provide highest value:

Synchro, Resolver, LVDT - RVDT, I/O cards in the following formats:

Software supported includes:

Our Synchro, Resolver, and LVDT I/O component products include:

All of the above are complimented by our broad line of Brushless Resolver based high reliability absolute position feedback sensors.

Brushless Resolver based Absolute Position Sensor products include:

Industrial position measurement and control applications include:

                     - PLS1000 16 output, 0.1 Degree programmable CAM Switch controller

                     -PLS1000e with Ethernet Communications

                      -Resolver to Reliable Position Feedback

  • Muliturn Position Feedback to Programmable Controller Interface solutions.

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Mr. Stephen Renard, the Founder and CEO of Computer Conversions Corporation sold the very first Resolver to Digital Converter ever envisioned and ever made.

In April of 1968 Computer Conversions Corporation is open for business in the Design and Manufacturing of Synchro, resolver converter products, including low to moderate frequency packaged Modulators and Demodulators commonly used for predominantly defense related motion control applications.

In the early 1970's Computer Conversions Corporation was one of the very first companies to introduce highly reliable resolver based absolute position encoder products to the commercial and industrial marketplace. These were later complimented by the companies introduction of resolver based electronic programmable Limit Switch control systems used in industry as an upgrade from the limitations of rotary mechanical cam switch based machine controls.

1977 Computer Conversions DC Sine Cosine to Synchro Drivers are specified by Flight Safety for use on Flight Simulation - Simulators and Pilot Trainers.

In 1982 Computer Conversions Corporation's Resolver Based Multiturn Encoder Systems are specified for use on passenger Elevator applications, many on N.Y.City high-risers, hundreds if not thousands still currently in use today.

In 1982 Computer Conversions is awarded The BOEING Company Presidents award for the design and manufacture of precision LVDT - RVDT full system Simulators, used to for Pre-Flight Testers on The BOEING Company wide-body commercial Aircrafts, even to this day.

In 1983 Computer Conversions Corporation manufactured the first Resolver based encoder systems to be used in Automotive Conveyor Synchronizing applications with PLC's, then with the introduction Explosion Proof Resolvers used on Automotive Automated Paint Sprayers, Paint Spray Robots, and automation. 

In 1986 Computer Conversions Multiturn Absoluter Resolver Sensor Sub-systems are specified on fully automated stamping press to press Iron Hands used in both General Motors and Chrysler truck body stamping plants.

In 1998 Computer Conversions Corporation provided over 40 axes of Ruggedized Multiturn Resolver Sensors and complimentary VME Resolver I/O Cards for the very first fully automated self-propelled Howitzers ever made.

In 2000 Computer Conversions Corp. helps to innovate an essentially entirely new tire manufacturing positioning and control technique, utilizing Resolver Based Multiturn Absolute Position Sensors to newer fully automated Tire Manufacturing Machines, providing unique absolute drum diameter positioning with drum wrap feedback control without requiring troublesome in-accurate mechanical differentials.

In 2002 Computer Conversions Corp. develops, in days, a High-Reliability Brushless Resolver System as direct replacement adopted to substitute failure prone Optical Incremental Encoders, bolted directly onto and into the locomotive engine cavity and coupled directly to the main drive Shaft to provide fuel injection timing control, while withstanding the most demanding of environmental needs and criteria. 

We developed a Resolver Sensor that would withstand vibrations exceeding 300 g's in three axes, high shock, and wide temperature extremes with a shaft interface capable of withstanding subfreezing temperatures on the body coupled with hot engine oil on it's shaft, in the size of a standard size 25 flange mount encoder. Developed and submitted in under 3 weeks' time, proven, and with over 500 systems delivered within the first 90 days. Over a thousand sold and still currently in use on locomotives throughout the world still to this day.

In 2004 Computer Conversions High Accuracy Resolver Sensors and Converters are Specified for use in new generation Amphibious Infantry Fighting Vehicles.

2004 - 2013 Computer Conversions is a leader in the design and manufacture of Synchro -Resolver and LVDT I/O Cards in ISA, PC104, VME, and finally PCI formats, complementing the line of Synchro-Resolver Converters, and Brushless Resolver Sensors and related Absolute Encoding solutions.

In 2014 Computer Conversions introduces the first Compact PCI and PXI compliant "Programmable" Synchro - Resolver and LVDT - RVDT I/O Card to the marketplace.

In 2015 Computer Conversions introduces the first Compact PCI Express and PXI Express Synchro -Resolver I/O Card to the marketplace. In 2015 Computer Conversions Corporation introduces the first XMC based, Isolated, Programmable Synchro - Resolver - LVDT input card, with up to 24 channels of analog input data acquisition in the marketplace.

In 2022 Computer Conversions developed the COMMANDNET Series, a multi-channel synchro/resolver to digital and digital to synchro/resolver converter with dual port ETHERNET connectivity.

Note: Labview is a Trademark of National Instruments.