PLS1000: Programmable Limit Switch Industry Leading, 16 Outputs, Multifunction, 1 part in 3600


  • Programmable Scale Factor
  • 16 High Current Outputs
  • Resolution to 1 in 4096
  • Full Scale Zero Offset
  • Non-Volatile setpoint and Parameter Storage(EEPROM)
  • Programs through zero
  • Digital Display of Position
  • Tachometer (R.P.M.) Display
  • Resolver Connect Detection
  • RS 232 Program loading (option)
  • 300 Maximum program Setpoints with any Distribution over the 16 Outputs (1200 Optionally Available)
  • Response time less than 5.1 microseconds


The PLS1000 is a programmable limit switch designed to allow convenient programming of 16 circuits.

The PLS1000 is designed to be panel mounted.

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