SACP - RACP Series: Synchro to ACP / ARP and Resolver to ACP / ARP Converters


  • Outputs utilize 75121 type single ended line drivers designed for 50 ohm to 500 ohm transmission lines
  • 4096 resolution with a duration of 1 part in 4096
  • +/-2.7 arc minutes accuracy (worst case)
  • No spurious output pulses during power-ups
  • Vented aluminum 19" rack mount 


Computer Conversions Synchro-Resolver to ACP/ARP Converters accept choice of synchro-resolver input options, power input, and mounting configuration, converts synchro/resolver input into ACP (Azimuth Change Pulse) and ARP(Azimuth Reference Pulse) type outputs suitable for 75 ohm drive.


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