SSP Series

SSP Series: 60Hz. @ 1.5VA, and 400Hz. @ 4.5VA Reference Powered


  • Any Synchro, or AC Sin/Cos Inputs. 4.5VA @ 400Hz., and 1.5VA @ 60Hz.
  • Models Trouble Free: Isolated, Wire and Run Design.
  • Ultra-High Efficiency
  • Low Distortion
  • Self-Powered off the AC Reference Input
  • Internal Cool Running AC-Pulsating Supplies
  • Very Low Loss & Heat / Power Dissapation Packaged as 2.6 x 3.1 x .82"H Module
  • Simple Bulk-Head / Backplane Mount High
  • Resistance to Shock & Vibration
  • High Reliability Throughout Implimentation
  • No External Power Supplies Required !
  • No External Transformers Required: 60Hz. too.
  • Virtually Indestructable Units: Transformer Isolation to 500VDC  
  • Short Circuit Proof Outputs with internal: Current Limiting, Thermal Shutdown
  • Over-Voltage Transient Protection. 


The SSP Series are Compact, Reference Powered and Isolated Synchro Power Amplifiers, and AC Sine/Cosine ( Resolver ) to synchro converters; designed for moderate wattage, and re-transmission requirements; providing ultra high efficiency, and ultra high reliability in service, and ease of use. They are ideally suited for demanding Naval/Maritime, Aircraft, and Radar/Antenna related, applications. They are commonly used on synchro based data transmission, retransmission, simulation, and active control systems. They are suitable to drive both CT and CDX type passive loads, and virtually any synchro input instrumentation, or control.

Because the input is very high impedance and completely Transformer Isolated, they will tie onto any existing synchro lines, without loading, intruding, impeding on any existing operation.

The isolated, high impedanceand low voltage inputs featured on the AC Sine/Cosine input models: allow them to be fed directly from standard D-A or analog type circuitry, dataaquisition cards, and Digital Signal Processors (DSP's), while insuring there are no circulating currents, inductive kickback, or ground loops disturbing the integrity of either the host (input) or destination.

SSP's provide a risk free add-on solution for retransmitting the synchro signals into any newer add-on integration, systems, or displays requiring the synchro information, while providing sufficiently low enough output impedence to assure solid signal strength and integrrity capable of driving multiples of new apparatus. The very low output impedance also assures excelent regulation that is NOT EFFECTED BY LOAD.

Accuracy is +/-2 arc. minutes no load to full load, and the signal outputs directly track the signal inputs. The signal transfer is dynamic, smooth and continuous; these units feature truly instantaneous real time outputs and are capable of facilitating even large sudden accelerations.

These units have completely short circuit proof outputs, and are protected form load induced inductive kickback, they feature overvoltage transient protection, with internal current limitting, and an internal thermal shutt down that dissables the outputs when shorted long term whereby the internal junction temperature exceeds 125OC. Thermal overload recovers when the internal temperature recovers.

When the AC reference / power input is disconnected, the outputs are automatically dissabled, providing a safe, open circuit to the load.


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