MSI MRI and MX Series

MSI, MRI and MX Series - Multiplexed, Isolated Synchro - Resolver to Digital Converters


  • 50-5KHz. Synchro and Resolver Inputs
  • 14 Bit Binary or BCD Resolution
  • Random Access Addressing
  • Transformer or Solid State Inputs
  • Insensitive to Signal and Reference Amplitude Variations
  • Expandable to 128 Channels
  • Different Frequencies and Voltages to one Central Converter
  • High Common Mode Rejection
  • Simultaneous Input Sampling
  • 150 Microsecond Address to Output Conversion


Computer Conversions MX Series are low cost multiplexed synchro or resolver to digital converter sets designed for Military or Industrial diagnostic and control applicatioms requiring 3-128 axis per control.

A typical 4 channel converter set only requires 2 discreet modules, 1-4 channel input module, and a central converter, for low cost system implementation.

Input modules are available with transformer isolated inputs for increased common mode rejection and isolated grounds as required on most military programs. Low cost solid state input modules are offered for cost conscious commercial applications.

Input modules are offered with all standard frequency and voltage variations, and any variation of 4 channel input modules can be connected to a single central converter, for up to 128 channel control.

The MX series converters use a differential input, ratiometric, conversion technique that is insensitive to signal and reference amplitude variations.


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