Synchro to Incremental and Resolver to Quadtrature Incremental Encoder Converters

Computer Conversions Corporation's Synchro-Burst is a complete 2 channel Synchro to encoder interface designed to easily integrate inherently absolute rotary synchro, resolver or linear LVDT position sensors into motion controls and counters that are normally only designed to facilitate incremental encoder feedback.

The incremental encoder output data provides a true real-time response and a burst command input is provided to automatically preset the encoder counting device with the Absolute position following power turn-on. If the Burst-Absolute function is used: a ready output is provided to inform the recieving device that the absolute data has been preset, and that the outputs are running with true absolute position feedback, in real-time.

Simply wire to the synchro or resolver inputs, wire the incremental encoder outputs and apply power. To run with absolute position data, achieving true absolute positioning; apply one discrete output (5V. TTL) to activate the burst input command (post power), look for a zero ready input, and run.