Programmable Oscillator Amplifier Series

The Computer Conversions Corporation POA90-3 is a programmable quadrature oscillator with a built-in power amplifier, capable of driving current loads of up to 200mA. The sinusoidal outputs are 2.5Vrms signals that are phased 90° apart as REF out and REF out +90 (Quadrature), allowing the unit to be used with Synchro, Resolver, LVDT/RVDT, Inductosyn, or similar inductive transducers. 

The reference output frequency is programmable by connecting external resistors and capacitors to the programming pins. Frequencies can be programmed from 200Hz up to 10Khz.

The Power Amplifier output (PA out) voltage can be scaled from 7 Volts down to 2.5 Volts using one external resistor. The POA90-3 is ideal for applications requiring quadrature signals for inductive
sensor applications.


POA90-3 Parametric Value Calculator Spreadsheet

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