Binary BCD Converters

The BAC series of Binary to BCD converters will convert binary angle data to 5 digit BCD data scaled in degrees and decimal fractions of degrees. Units with display and/or data outputs are available. Custom scaling of the output to represent actual physical units of measure can be provided easily (i.e.: feet, lbs., meters, mills, etc.) They will also accept encoder outputs and display them at extremely low cost when compared to previous solutions. Different packaging configurations are standard to increase their usefullness to systems designers requiring any binary to BCD translation.

The BCD Series of BCD to Binary Converters will convert 4 digits of scaled BCD angle data with a full scale of 359.9degrees into 12 Bits of binary angle data (MSB=180degrees). These units are entirely digital, require no timing or control signals and do this conversion in less than 500 nano-seconds. Logic levels are TTL/DTL compatable and +5V DC power is required. They are packaged in a 2.6 x 3.1 x .82" H PC board mounting module.