PC104 Synchro-Resolver,LVDT Input Cards

PC104 Series: PC104 Bus Digital-Synchro-Resolver - LVDT Input/Output Cards


  • Dual Channel Digital Synchro/ Resolver Outputs
  • Accuracy Grades to +30 arc Seconds
  • Transformer Isolated Reference Input
  • Virtually Indestrucdible Short Circuit Proof Outputs
  • Low Output Impedance, Drive 50 ma. + Channel
  • Wide Band Frequency DC-10,000HZ.
  • Loss of Reference Detect with Report
  • BIT and EN Support for Synchro Amps
  • Supports Multispeed & Multiturn Pairs
  • COTS Operating Temp. -40 degrees C. to +85 degrees C.
  • Low Cost, Robust, Highly Reliable Design
  • Shorted Stator Models Typical of Aircrafts
  • Transformer Isolated Signal Output Options
  • True 16 Bit Stack-Through Databus
  • Stack Anywhere, No Height Violations!
  • 16 Bit Resolution 


The PC104-DS Series are Low Cost, Dual Channel, PC104 Compliant Digital / Synchro / Resolver Output Cards designed to simulate precision AC Synchro and resolver formatted signals for use in navigation and positioning systems or test sets on both industrial and COTS - military type applications.

All models provide 16 Bits resolution (0.0055degrees), and model selectable accuracy grades from +/-4 arc. minutes to +/-30 arc seconds.

These units feature virtually indestructible, thermally and transient protected, completely short-circuit proof, low output impedance amplifiers capable of providing up to a full 50ma.+ output drive per channel. Metallic heat sinks are provided to assure high reliability as installed and loaded over the full operating temperature range.

BIT inputs and Enable outputs are facilitated for direct compatibility with external Synchro booster amplifiers for driving very high power loads up to 300 VA.

Models are available in both commercial (parts 0 degrees C to +70 degrees C) and extended COTS - Military / Industrial (parts -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C) operating temperature range selections.

Additionally the PC104-DS Series feature internal micro-transformers for 100% isolation of the AC Reference inputs. They accept either direct 115, 26VAC or user scalable inputs as standard model selections.

The use of internal Isolation Transformers on the reference inputs provides phasing flexibility, immunity from ground loops or ground reference induced noise, and are an effective barrier to prevent any electrical noise on the reference source input from effecting the users digital control system and the PC104 databus’ DC supply rails. Because the AC Reference source is commonly shared or tied to many different destinations (other hardware) in a typical system; isolation on the reference inputs protects not only the user circuitry of the D-R converter, but also every user of the reference source in the system.

When integrated on applications as add-on hardware; the isolation assures the user that the add-on hardware is non-obtrusive, and causes no conflict with any existing apparatus. High input impedance and very low current draw on the reference input (typically less than 1 ma.) assures compatibility with low current drive resolver circuits typically used on R-D converter products and resolver based motion control systems.

On 26/11.8Volt (and lower voltage) systems; considerable cost savings are achieved by using the robust output drivers direct, especially when driving captive (single destination) synchro or resolver loads, or when driving isolated S-D’s/ R-D’s, or external synchro booster amplifiers.

For synchro resolver outputs driving multiple destinations, or synchro loads driving a grounded stator (Z leg typical of many aircraft app’s.), and on 50/60 Hz. applications; convenient bulkhead mounted external synchro output transformers are provided as options.

The PC104-DS Series use a true 16 Bit databus, and paired multispeed multiturn fine/coarse outputs are facilitated with any ratio, even with either intentional or unintentional fine/ coarse offset alignments.

The converter outputs are set to zero angle for predictability on power up, until commanded to the desired angle in the application software. And a reference loss detect is reported in the status word for validation.

The PC104-DS series can be populated with up to 4 different style output converters:

HDR Series: Standard Digital to Synchro / Resolver converter features, lowest cost, standard ratio accuracy grades to +/- 2 arc. minutes, frequencies of 47 to 3KHz. and low scale factor variation

HDVR Series: High performance Digital To Synchro / Resolver converters, absolute accuracies to +/-30 arc. seconds, frequencies to 20KHz.,

HDVL Series: Digital to LVDT and RVDT

HDVDC Series: Digital Vector Generators, providing 16 Bit precision DC Sine/Cosine

To cover the most commonly used requirements the HDR Series are primarily covered in this data file.

The 16 Bit digital data is binary weighted angle. The input data is converted to AC resolver type signals representing the sine and cosine of the digital angle, at the carrier frequency of the reference input (Resolver outputs, Synchro Outputs are: Sine, Sine +120degrees, and Sine +240degrees at the carrier frequency of the reference input ). The output signals continuously tracks the reference input, always preserving the transformation ratio like that of a resolver or synchro itself. The ratio accuracy of the HDR series makes them ideal for use in driving R-D converters, resolver/ synchro chains and repeaters, and R-D based motion control systems.

These units are ideal for many GPS type applications, heads-up display systems, field test equipment mobile antenna’s, air and nautical navigation aids.

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