Angle Indicators

Ref.: 26V/115V rms. & 115V 60 Hz. power.
Speed Ratio: 1,8,10,16,18,32,36,64, & 128.
Output: 5 or 6 digit .5” LED display (unipolar or bipolar) and 5 or 6 digit BCD digital data (optional).
Accuracy: +/-.002, +/-.005, or +/-.01 degree.
Package: a.) 9.5” x 8” x 2” H. b.) 19” x 12” x 3.5” H.

This series of units were designed to satisfy Hi speed multiturn synchro/resolver applications where the output data must be fresh and no data staleness can be tolerated. The tranducers utilized are the same as in the regular MDS series, however different tracking electronics are used. The resultant data tracks the input shaft perfectly and is always fresh and accurate at input speeds up to 64 revolutions per second, depending on the resolution. Data in BCD or Binary formats are available, and clean, unambiguous crossovers are guaranteed.

Available Files