DSP Series

DSP Series - Digital to Synchro, Reference Powered High Efficiency Models, Isolated Reference & Signals, 16 Bit and Reference Loss Detect Options 60 Hz. Models do not require external output transfromers, 400Hz. 4.5 V A


  • No +15V DC Supplies
  • Transformer Isolated Output 
  • Protection & Thermal Cutoff
  • CMOS & TTL Compatible  
  • Parallel Binary Angle Input
  • Output Short Circuit Proof, as well as Current Limited with Limited Transient
  • Only +5V DC Input Power Required  
  • Driving 1.5VA at 60Hz. Dissipates 3w
  • Optimum Thermal Design with a Thermally Conductive Encapsulant & Metal Plate on Top  
  • High Reliability Mil M38510 or 883 B Units Available
  • Small Size and No Adjustments


The DSP Series are high efficiency, AC Reference powered, Transformer Isolated, continuously updating “whole” Digital to Synchro Converters, designed for high performance Military and Industrial applications.

This series is especially well suited to assimilate the low output impedance of actual synchros without requiring large +/-15VDC power supplies, abundant cooling, or large external transformers (60 Hz.).

The modules will accept 14 or 16 Bits natural binary angle data and convert it into a isolated, high power, 3 wire synchro output accurately representing the digital binary command angle, and capable of driving common synchro loads. 400 Hz. units drive 4.5VA, 60 Hz. units drive 1.5VA synchro loads, and 400/60 Hz. units are capable of driving 1.5VA loads over a wide frequency rage of 57 to 440 Hz.

The outputs are virtually indestructible, completely isolated and short circuit protected, feature over-voltage transient protection, current limiting, and thermal cutoff. This provides complete protection against inductive kickbacks on the load, transients, short circuits, and overheating.

Extremely high efficiency is obtained by the use of internal AC pulsating power supplies. The outputs are powered by an internal, transformer isolated, purely AC dynamic power supply that efficiently transfers the AC reference input power to the outputs, in a natural AC flowing format with very low loss.

Optimum efficiency is achieved by essentially using as much AC direct power transfer as possible to drive the AC outputs. The power supply produces full-wave rectified positive and negative voltages for driving the internal AC power rails that need only be a few volts greater than the voltages driven on the outputs. These close relationships assure that there is very little power loss, and the power loss dissipated in heat is thereby kept to a minimum, allowing cooler continuous operation.

Although the DSP Series are AC Reference powered units, the outputs track the AC reference input with tight regulation over the transformation ratio, providing accurate continuos AC signals without pulse modulations or discontinuity.

When driving reactive loads the power dissipation is typically less half that of conventional DC powered converters.14 & 16 Bit Reference Powered Digital to Synchro Converter DSP60/40 and DSP 616/416 Series Because the outputs derive their powered from the AC reference input, there is no concern regarding large in-rush currents on power ups typical of conventional DC powered converters.

The higher efficiency, and lower heat generation, assure much greater long term reliability, while the low output impedance drive capability assures accurate synchro representation driving more difficult synchro related loads.

Reliability and Heat dissipation is further improved by the use of Aluminum Top plate that serves as a passive heat sink with a large surface area. Proprietary techniques are used to assure that all the heat generated within is directly transferred to the metallic cover, so that air flow across the surface effectively cools the entire unit, and internal hot spots are avoided.

The converters very low output impedance allows these units to provide excellent regulation on the 3 wire synchro outputs, assuring both a quick and accurate synchro response and better toleration of imbalances in the actual synchro loads. These converters are well suited to drive both resistive and inductive loads.

DSP series converters feature a truly Transformer Isolated AC Reference / Power input, and Transformer Isolated high power outputs.

The use of internal Isolation Transformers on the reference input provides phasing flexibility, immunity from ground loops or ground reference induced electrical noise. The reference isolation transformer is an effective barrier to prevent any electrical noise on the reference source input from effecting the users digital control system, the+5VDC supply bus and it’s common/ground. Because the AC Reference source is commonly shared or tied to many different destinations (other hardware) in a typical system; isolation on the reference inputs protects not only the user circuitry of the D-S converter, but also every user tied to the reference source in the system. When integrated on applications as add-on hardware; the isolation assures the user that the add-on hardware is non-obtrusive, and causes no conflict with any existing apparatus. Internal voltage clamps in the power section are also provided to protect against transients on the AC reference input.

The DSP Series are available in 3 different operating grades of temperature: commercial 0OC to +70OC, industrial-COTS Mil  -40OC. to +85OC., and, Military - 55degreesC to +85degreesC operating temperature range. Enhanced reliability models also available.

14 Bit units provide an accuracy of +/-4 arc minutes, and 16 Bit units provide an accuracy of +/-1.75 arc. minutes. All units are provided with printed test data and certificate of compliance.

Modules use the industry standard format; 2.6" x 3.1", x .82"H. They are encapsulated to withstand high shock and vibration. And are suitable for the most demanding applcarions.

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