DSPH Series

DSPH Series Reference Powered, High Power D-S Driver


  • 25, 30, 100 and up to 300 VA models
  • 60 or 400 & both 60 & 400Hz. models
  • 25 VA Units deliver 100VA+ peak drive
  • Trouble free isolated inputs & outputs
  • Ultra-high efficiency, low distortion; self powered off the AC reference input, internal cool AC-Pulsating supplies as well as very low very low loss & heat dissipation
  • Simple bulk-head/ backplane mount
  • Very high resistance to shock & vibration
  • High reliability throughout implementation
  • Built-in kick to free stalled rotors
  • Thermal and overload sense & BIT report
  • Output enable & circuit-safe disable control
  • Transient & short circuit protected outputs


The DSPH Series High Power Digital to Synchro Converters, are proven, high efficiency, low cost, compact, reliable solid state synchro drivers; designed for demanding Naval/Maritime, Aircraft, fire control and Radar/Antenna related, applications. They are commonly used on synchro based data transmission, retransmission, simulation, and instantaneous absolute position indicating and active control systems.

The DSPH Series accept up to 16 bits of parallel binary data inputs, either providing an efficient high power 3 wire synchro output, capable of driving direct and multiple large synchro loads. All Models are completely powered from the AC reference input, eliminating the need for any large and very expensive (heat generating) linear DC supplies.

Installation is easy: in most synchro booster- amplifier, repeater, and retransmission applications; simply treat it like a synchro; mount it, wire your 5 synchro source leads, 3 synchro destination leads, and your running!

For high power D-S applications; the digital to synchro converter is built into and completely powered by the amp. To install D-S units, simply apply your 14 or 16 bit digital TTL data in lieu of a synchro input and your running. The input is continuous and the input to output throughput is less then 100Usec. D-S options include: Data Latch inputs for synchronous or strobed data transfer and high-byte/low-byte latched enable inputs for use with either an 8 or 16 bit data bus.

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