R90-11HT Series

R90-11HT Series: Extreme High Temperature, Size 11 with large 1/4" Dia. Shaft


  • Operating Temperature to over 400 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Moderate Frequency for Long Cable Runs
  • Large 0.25" Dia. "D" Shaped Shaft
  • Small Size 11 Servo-mount
  • Brushless, no wipers, no arcing
  • High Reliability
  • Electronically passive (no active components)
  • Ratio metric Output
  • Inherent temperature compensation
  • High Accuracy and repeatability
  • Inherently Transformer Isolated input to output


These resolvers are rated for reliable operation in predominantly especially hot temperature applications, having an operating temperature over a wide range of -67 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The robust proven High Temperature ratings makes these resolvers particularly well suited for especially high temperature environments as found in: oil industry deep hole drilling, jet engine guide vanes, turbine governors, steel processing and automated heat treating type applications. 

The R90-11HT may be supplied with 12” Teflon flying leads or be supplied with a quick-disconnect high temperature rated Mil-grade connector with a locking jam nut. The Locking Jam nut allows the connector to be conveniently mounted in such a manner as to provide inherent strain relief and it’s cable mate can be quickly disconnected from the heated assembly that the jam nut mounted connector may be mounted on.

The large for its size 1/4” dia. shaft features a D cut profile to assure a non-slip affirmative connection to the mechanicals that it may be coupled to. The R90-11HT may also be supplied with positivelock servo mounting cleats as an option.


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