PSI Series

PSI Series: Programmable Selsyn Indicators (Steel-Mills)


  • Compatible with all Selsyn Transmitters
  • Accepts Brushless Resolver Inputs Too!
  • Programmable Scale Factor
  • Bright Large LED 5 Digit Readout to accomodate all gear ratios
  • Programmable Preset and reset to zero
  • Tracks rotation up to 1200 RPM
  • High Electrical Noise Immunity
  • Oiltight NEMA 4 Enclosure
  • Parallel BCD Output Standard
  • Limit Switch and Output Options


Computer Conversions Solid State Selsyn/Resolver Indicator digitizes the outputs of Selsyns, Synchros and Resolvers for position indication and control applications. The Selsyn Indicator is designed to replace failure prone mechanical selsyn torque receivers, counters, etc. The tracking converters high noise immunity and high speed tracking characteristics make it ideal for use in industrial envrionments.

The CCC Selsyn/Resolver Indicator is the most versatile one piece indicator/control available. Standard Indicators are provided in a robust water/oil tight NEMA 4 panel mount enclosure, having durable operator controls, and large LED readouts. This package has been field proven and tested for resistance to many mill and factory environments.

Field programmable scaling simulates complex gear ratios to virtually eliminate the need for mechanical modifications, while upgrading existing hardware. These scaling features also enable the user to decipher selsyn position in a unit of measurement, relevant to his application. (EXAMPLE: inches, meters, lbs., etc.). Presets and resets provide operator intervention and automatic calibration of data and display, while limit switch functions are optioned to provide end travel alarms and slowdown controls.

Several digital outputs options are offered for direct interface with remote displays, programmable controllers, etc...Large 5 digit LED readouts with .56"H illuminated characters are standard. Decimal location is field programmable by use of 4 internal DIP switches.

CCC Selsyn Indicators are directly compatible with all existing Selsyn systems, they can be directly connected to any transmitter, differential, or tied to existing mechanical indicators or recievers without introducing any error or load.

Resolver input capability is optioned for direct replacement of selsyns and synchros with (stocked) heavy duty Brushless resolvers, offering increased accuracy and reliabilty, meeting real NEMA standards, at a fraction of price and size.

Typical applications for the CCC Selsyn Indicator are screwdowns, screwdown differentials, roller gap position indication and side guide openings in steel mills.

Commonly used to provide precise position feedback on linear travels the CCC Selsyn Indicator cyclic models are available for rotary applications, and a feed length controller mode 1 is available for cut to length +7pu applications commonly used for cutting rolled stock typical of press feeders, uncoilers, material feed and sheet cutters.


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