HDRCK Series

HDRCK Series - Digital to Synchro, Digital to Resolver, Miniature, to 22KHz. Highest Accuracy in the Marketplace 20 arc Seconds, Isolated Reference Input, External Transformer Output Options. 


  • 30 arc seconds accuracy
  • Lower Cost/Size Comparable to Hybrids
  • Slew Rate to 960 RPS
  • 16 Bits Resolution
  • Internal Transformer Isolated Reference Input Options: 115VAC/40VAC/26VAC/7VAC/1.3VAC  + User Scalable
  • 5V. and 3.3V. compatible logic
  • Wide BAnd Reference Frequency: 47 to 20KHz.
  • High power 2VA Output Drive
  • Virtually Indestructible Outputs: Short Circuit Proof with thermal cutoff &drives high power with current limiting
  • Thermally conductive metal top heat sink
  • +/-12 and +/-15 Volt powered models
  • -40degreesC to +85degreesC operating temperature
  • Short circuit protected outputs
  • Buffered 16 Bit Transparent Latch Input
  • Auxillary Reference Output for Loss Detect
  • CMOS & TTL Compatible Inputs


The HDRCK Series are very high accuracy, hybrid sized, high power Digital to Resolver (AC Sine / Cosine) Converters designed for industrial and COTS Military related high performance: motion control, data transmission, simulation and radar type applications.

The DRCK provides better then 30 arc seconds accuracy with 16 Bits Resolution, while delivering an output drive greater then 2VA, in a compact hybrid sized thermally optimized package.

The DRCK Converter facilitates high speed performance; able to facilitate slew speeds of upto 960 RPS without distortion, and the outputs maintain both ratio and absolute accuracy for suitability in applications use of the outputs independantly: complex firing and tracking systems, PPI  radar displays, systems performing polar & rectangular coordinate & conversions.

The converter is capable of operating over a wideband carrier frequency of 47 to 22,000Hz., while providing dynamic performance of greater then 150 revolutions per second at 16 Bits resolution.

The DRCK converter is the highest accuracy D-R converter in the marketplace.

The AC Reference input is internally transformer isolated, reference input options include 115, 40, 26, 7 VRMS or 1.3VAC + user scalable. The isolation provides freedom from ground loops, DC Offsets, or loading, meets the requirements of MIL-T-27, and reference-power compliance to MIL-STD-1399.

+/-15VDC powered models provide an output choice of 0 to 6.8V. L-L or 7.0V. L-L sine/cosine, and +/12VDC power units yield 5.6V.L-L. sine / cosine. The output gradient may be changed by adding a single resistor in series with the AC reference input. External transformers are available herein, that may be provided for higher voltage outputs or synchro format. And a DRCK model is offered in a standard converter format having built-in output transformers interated within.

The HDRCK Series are sub-miniature modules that are; size comparable, low cost yet powerfull performing alternatives to Hybrid type D-R and D-S converters. The advanced modular design of the HDRCK series features short lead times that are neither limited to infrequent hybrid production cycles, long term parts allocation, minimum quantity purchases, or hybrid obsolescence related concerns.

The small 1.6 x 2.2 x 0.52"H. package reliably provides high accuracy, high power, and ease of use complimented with optimum reliability. This hybrid size converter is capable of driving up to a full 2VA continuous load complimented by it’s unique thermally optimized package.

The power stages essentially mounted directly to the anodized aluminum top plate. The top plate provides a large surface area for improved thermal dissipation without requiring heat-sinks, or spreaders, while unlike most hybrids it’s thermally insulated body prevents the development of hot spots between the bottom base and the PCB it’s soldered to.

The use of internal Isolation Transformers on the reference inputs provides phasing flexibility, immunity from ground loops or ground reference induced noise, and are an effective barrier to prevent any electrical noise on the reference source input from effecting the users digital control system and DC supply rails.

Because the AC Reference source is commonly shared or tied to many different destinations (other hardware) in a typical system; isolation on the reference inputs protects not only the user circuitry of the D-R converter, but also every user tied to the reference source in the system. When integrated on applications as add-on hardware; the isolation assures the user that the add-on hardware is non-obtrusive, and causes no conflict with any existing apparatus.

A low voltage, isolated reference output (pin R) is made available for reference loss detect by the host. This output is 3.4VRMS. that may be squared off with a simple op-amp to provide a 3.3 or 5 Volt TTL/CMOS compatible logic represents the frequency of the reference input (typically feeding a one-shot or similar approach).

High input impedance and very low current draw on the reference input (typically less then 1 ma.) assures compatibility with low current drive resolver circuits typically used on R-D converter products and resolver based motion control systems.

All of these synchro and resolver converters feature virtually indestructible short-circuit proof outputs, metal top plate heat sinks, current limiting and automatic thermal cutoff.

The 16 Bit digital input is suitable for all 5V. CMOS or TTL and 3.3V. compatible logic levels.

Models having a -EL suffix feature a 3.3/5V. compatible data latch input. Data is transparent with a logic level 1 input and latched when low = 0VDC.

Models without the -EL suffix have data that is transparent with a low = 0VDC input input and latched when at logic level 1.

When the latch input is for transparent, no control over data is needed and the sine / cosine resolver outputs will be continuously updating (always following the digital input). The latch feature provides a convenient direct access solution to any bus based interface.

The 16 Bit digital data input is binary weighted angle format. The input data is converted to AC resolver type signals representing the sine and cosine of the digital angle, at the carrier frequency of the reference input. The output signals continuously tracks the reference input, always preserving the transformation ratio like that of a resolver or synchro itself. The ratio accuracy of the HDR series makes them ideal for use in driving R-D converters, resolver / synchro chains and repeaters, and R-D based motion control systems.

For standard 115V., 26VAC and 7VAC reference input models, the HDRCK series provides a choice of 7 or 6.81V. L-L sine/cosine output on +/-15VDC powered models, or 5.6V.LL outputs on +/-12 VDC powered models. The outputs are short circuit protected and drive up to a full 2VA load on +/ -15VDC powered models, 1.6VA on +/-12VDC powered units. Using scaling resistors on the AC reference input can easily facilitate lower output levels, and a 1.3VAC input option is available for user scaled reference input.

All models include an electrically isolated aluminum top plate for improved thermal dissipation, internal transformer isolated reference input, and high power drive capability.

These converters are designed to meet the requirements of MIL-STD-202E, including salt spray when mounted to a printed circuit card that is conformal coated.

Miniature high grade transformer modules are made available to drive synchro or resolver output signals up to 90V.L-L. The A8088 series are only 1" x 1.65" x 0.52"H for driving frequencies of 400 Hz. and higher.

A choice of 3 different low frequency transformers are made available for driving 50/60 Hz. loads (for 60 Hz. converters that do not require output transformers Computer Conversions Reference Powered DSP Series converters can be considered).

All output transformers meet MIL-T-27 and are encapsulated for safety (high voltages) and high shock vibration.


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