TDSM Series (Resolver)

TDSM Series: Resolver and Component Converter for PCB Mount Combination Subsystems


  • Low Cost 
  • Miniature Size 
  • Memory-Absolute Output
  • Bidirectional 
  • Hi Electrical Noise Immunity
  • Can Operate Over Long, Simple Cable Runs
  • Small Electro Magnetic Transducer
  • NEMA 12 Housings Available
  • Quick and Simple Installation
  • Absolute Offset Available


The TDSM Series are low cost absolute encoders consisting of a size 11 electromagnetic transducer and a 2.6 x 3.1 x .6 conversion module. The outputs available are 12 to 16 bit binary format representing 0 to 359.99 degrees of absolute shaft angle input. The transducer reference supply is also included in the module which is designed for printed circuit mounting. A data transfer and data hold line are provided for simple computer or microprocessor interfacing. These features in addition to the latest digital circuitry techniques, make these encoders the best selection in today's applications where resolutions greater than 10 bits are required with ultra high reliability assured. 

Available Files


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