MRDC Series

MRDC Series - Miniature, Multispeed & Multi-turn Resolver to Digital System with built-in AC Resolver Excitation Source, to 22Bit Precision


  • Miniature Multi-Speed R/D Converter
  • Precombined, Linear, Non Ambiguous Data
  • Fault Output detects excess misalignment & Loss of Signal, Reference and Over-Speed
  • Insensitive to amplitude variations
  • Low Power, Small Size, and Low Cost
  • 20, 22 Bit Resolution Programmable
  • High Accuracy +/-10 arc Seconds.
  • No external components required
  • Industrial & Military Operating Temp. Range
  • Auto Corrects to +/-90 degree misalignment


Computer Conversions’ MRDC64-3 is a miniature single chip solution for providing a complete 1 x 64 speed resolver interface into any demanding industrial or military application.

The MRDC64-3 provides a high power and robust 6.0 VAC @ 2200 Hz. sensor excitation source to power the multispeed/multiturn resolver array.

The MRDC64-3 provides Programmable Resolution to select between 20 and 22 bit operation for high speed versus high accuracy performance. The PR pin is programmed to a logic level zero (0VDC) for 20 Bit resolution that tracks input angles up to 32 RPS Multiturn with an accuracy of +/-4.0 arc seconds. The PR pin is programmed to a logic level 1 (~5VDC) for 22 Bit resolution that tracks input angles up to 8RPS Multiturn (180 degrees/second Multispeed), having an accuracy of +/-2.8125 arc seconds.

The fine and coarse stator feedback signals into a single 20 or 22 bit variable addressable over two successive 16 bit data words. The output data is a non-ambiguous, inherently pre-combined (fine coarse as one), linear, 20 or 22 bit binary value addressable via a three state compatible 16 bit data word format.

The MRDC is provided as a complete plug-in solution; accuracy and performance is assured from the field signals to the digital user, and all units are shipped with printed test data to assure traceability.

The MRDC Converters use solid state control transformers arranged within a solid state type two servo loop to provide a continuous lag free and real time response all the way up to the maximum tracking rate. Only a very minimal recoverable lag may be experienced during a very large acceleration.

The output data is highly repeatable, and monotonic, providing a clean and virtually jitter free natural binary response. The outputs are fully tri-state compatible 5 Volt LS-TTL compatible logic, that may be tied directly to a 16 bit databus. Internal transparent latches with internal synchronizing logic are provided; to allow the user to inhibit or freeze the output data without stalling the internal servo loop or latching bad data. This assures the user of a very simple and straight forward means of synchronizing data transfer with the greatest hardware, firmware or software independence.

To assure a synchronized data transfer the user simply:

A) Clear the Inhibit (Inh) and Enable High Word (EWO) to zero.

B) Wait 645 microseconds minimum (no max.), read or transfer or latch word.

C) Clear Enable Low Word (EW1) to zero,

D) Wait 645 nsec. minimum (no max.), read or transfer high word.

A fault output detect is provided that is a result of continuously running built-in-test circuitry that detects loss of signal inputs, loss of reference, over-speed and acceleration, and even excessive fine/coarse misalignment conditions. A logic level zero detects a fault condition, and the output is automatically cleared.

The MRDC64-3 converters are usable over a full operating temperature range of -40ºC to +85ºC, and are suitable for both industrial and military applications.


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