H25 Series

H25 Series: 2.5" Square Flange-Mount with 3/8" Dia. Shaft


  • Highest Reliability Obtainable
  • Heavy Duty
  • Industry Standard Size 25
  • Absolute Position Feedback
  • Infinite Resolution
  • Excellent Repeatability
  • Wide Temperature Spans
  • Long Transducer Cable Runs
  • Velocity and Tachometer Feedback
  • High Speed Operation
  • Electronically Passive Device
  • Inherent Transformer Isolation


Computer Conversions GT Transducers are brushless, Electromagnetic, Rotary Sensors used to provide Precise Absolute or Incremental Position, and Velocity feedback in harsh environments. All Computer Conversions Transducers are continuous rotation, bi-directional, and electronically passive devices (no electronic components to degrade or fail), that require zero maintenance, and may be installed in virtually inaccessible locations.


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