Absolute Encoders- Resolver Based

Shaft-Tracker is a low cost, self-contained, and universal, electromagnetic shaft encoder that replaces unreliable, and fragile optical incremental encoders; while providing many additional features that are obviously destined to become industry standards.

No external electronics or signal conditioners are required. This volume run encoder is an option-free all inclusive product with good availability and a very modest cost.

The primary sensor is a highly reliable, durable and environmentally tolerant Brushless Resolver (Rotary Transformer). The resolver is packaged with reliable, field proven, high efficiency electronics, in a Robust NEMA 12 rated enclosure.

Computer Conversions Everpot is a True Brushless Resolver with analog outputs that overcomes the limitations of conventional potentiometers in motion control and absolute position sensing applications that demand ruggedness, durability, and accurate continuous feedback with higher speeds and under adverse environmental conditions.

The Brushless resolver is basically a two stage, air-coupled rotary transformer, having precision shielded ball bearings as the only physical contact between the casing (stator), and the rotary shaft input (rotor). The Resolver biases internally generated AC signals into signals that are ratiometrically proportionate to the angular position of the shaft which are internally converted into an accurate and linear analog output voltage (or current) provided as output.