SDCST-XT and RDCST-XT Series - Industry Standard Modules, Isolated and Solid State Inputs


  • .42" low profile module
  • One module operates from 50-1200Hz.
  • Internal transformers or solid state Scott T
  • Continuous conversion tracking converter 10,12 or 14 bits
  • Tracks up to 36000 degrees/sec
  • Insensitive to amplitude and frequency variations
  • DC Voltage output proportional velocity available 
  • Input voltage can be scaled via external resistors
  • Choice of TTL, LP Shottkey and Cmos Logic
  • All modules factory repairable 
  • Hermetically sealed and 883 units available 
  • Low cost
  • High reliability single PC board construction
  • Written test data supplied at no cost on all units


The SDC ST/XT Series are low profile, miniature, continuous tracking synchro or resolver to digital converters employing a type 2 servo loop designed for military and industrial control applications. They will accept any 3 wire synchro or 4 wire resolver input over a frequency range of 50 to 1200Hz. and convert it into 10,12 or 14bit, TTL compatable natural binary angle data.

No external modules are required and either solid state or transformer type Scott T inputs are provided internally in a 2.6" x 3.1" x .42" H package. Angular input rates of up to 36000degrees/second can be tracked with no accuracy degradation and a voltage output proportional to velocity may be obtained.

Data is continuously available, accurate & always fresh up to the maximum input rate.

These units are insensitive to signal and reference amplitude variations, frequency variations, and power supply variations due to the basic ratiometric conversion technique used.

Power required is +/-15 and +5V DC on the 14 and 12 Bit units, however, the 10 Bit units need only +15 and +5V for TTL operation and +15V for Cmos.

Accuracy applies over the operating temperature range and 883 level B processing is available on all units.

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