Track 2 Series

Track 2 Series: Resolver and Backplane Mount Track with Remote Zero-set and Status Lights, 24V. I/O


  • Robust Brushless Resolver Sensor
  • True Absolute Position Feedback
  • Interface to any PLC or Motion Control
  • Single +24VDC Power Input
  • Universal Data I/O: Source & or Sink, Jumper for +5, +15, or +24VDC Logic
  • Field Programmable Data Format: Binary, Scaled BCD and Gray Code
  • Incremental & Absolute Data Outputs
  • 1000'+ Cables w/ High Noise Immunity
  • Lights-Out-for-Zero User-Friendly "Remote Absolute Position Offset Control"
  • Data and Power Status LED's
  • High Grade Plug-In Terminal Blocks
  • Simple Backplane Mount Uni-Track
  • Opto-Isolated Data Control Lines
  • Fresh Valid Data Every PLC I/O Scan
  • 2 Axis Differential Output Models
  • Optional +/-10 or 0-10VDC Analog Out


Track 2 Encoders are reliable electromagnetic, Brushless Resolver based absolute encoders. Human engineered for ease of installation and verifiable performance in harsh industrial applications.

The Field Mounted Position Sensor:

The absolute position-sensing device is Robust Brushless Resolver (Rotary Transformer)available 3 different base configurations:

VST...= Size 11 (2.3” dia.) servo / face mount,

HVST.. = Heavy Duty NEMA 12 &..-SE NEMA 4 Rated Square Flange Mount

XVST/HXVST /HX4VST = Explosion Proof versions.

These are all electrically passive devices containing no internal electronic parts, to heat up, vibrate loose, degrade or fail. They operate over very wide temperature extremes (Operating Temperature is -40OC to +125OC), survive very high shock and vibration, and facilitate cable runs over upto 1000’ long, assuring accurate, repeatable, absolute position data even in electrically hostile environments.

Because these sensors are brushless resolvers (essentially simple robost rotary transformers): they contain no fragile glass scales, temperature dirt/moisture sensitive and less reliable optics, or field sensative and shock intolerant magnetics; assuring very long term reliable performance in the most hostile environments.

Except for the baby size 11 sensor units, all other resolver packages feature integral, precision aligned flex-isolated, floating input shafts supported by dual sets of appropriately “spaced”; shielded and double sealed ball bearings packs to optimize long term reliability, while providing increased radial and axial rigidity.

Remote Universal Track II Decoder:

The Track II Decoder is a value added converter engineered for instant start-up, and minimum downtime with the user in mind. All wiring uses simple high grade plug-in terminal blocks. Position status lights provide instant user verification and second as a visual aid for remotely setting the absolute zero position.

The Track IITM Decoder Electronics are packaged with a universal mounting track suitable for backplane mount, that may be oriented vertically like a PLC I/O card occupying a mere 1.5” width x 8”H. or flush mounted on the backplane for a more impressive looking installation & easier access maintenance (5 1/2”W.)

The Decoder accepts a single +12, 15 or 24VDC power input, (+24V. most common), provides the AC resolver excitation / power source and converts and precombines the multiturn dual-resolver sensor outputs into a non ambiguous 12 bit linear data word with a simple, user friendly, value added interface that assures compatibility wth virtually any I/O scheme or controller desired.

Universal I/O (to any PLC or Motion Contol):

Opto-Isolated data control lines are provided to assure a direct synchronous interface with virtually any programmable logic or motion control. The data may be:

a) run continuous

b) a latch input may be used to freeze data on command


c) a unique Watchdog timer input line provides a synchronized data transfer control mechanism to assure valid data is updated automatically every scan when wired into virtually any programmable controller used.

HVST99, & HVST12-OE-P24 models:

feature jumper selectable data output formats, allowing the user to stock a single model to support a multitude of applications. These units are provided with Binary, BCD and Gray Code formats. Actually two different scaled BCD formats are provided to support both rotary, cyclic, and linear applications.

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