Shaft- Tracker

Shaft-Tracker - Heavy Duty Resolver with Incremental and SSI Absolute Position Outputs


  • Absolute & Incremental Outputs
  • Very Low Cost, High Durability
  • High Reliability Brushless Resolver
  • No Fragile Optics
  • Standard Size 25 Flange Mount
  • Robust NEMA 12 Construction
  • Single +5 to 30 (24) VDC Power Input
  • No External Electronics
  • Quadrature Squarewave & Marker VIA Differential Line Driver Outputs
  • Zero-Marker Pulse/Index Output
  • Serial Absolute Position Data
  • Two Twisted Pair Cables to <3000'L
  • Multi-Drop I/O up to 32 Units / Input
  • Resolution: 4096 Parts Per Turn
  • Guaranteed to Replace Optical's
  • Multi-turn Absolute Models Too


Shaft-Tracker is a low cost, self-contained, and universal, electromagnetic shaft encoder that replaces unreliable, and fragile optical incremental encoders; while providing many additional features that are obviously destined to become industry standards.

No external electronics or signal conditioners are required. This volume run encoder is an option-free all inclusive product with good availability and a very modest cost.

The primary sensor is a highly reliable, durable and environmentally tolerant Brushless Resolver (Rotary Transformer). The resolver is packaged with reliable, field proven, high efficiency electronics, in a Robust NEMA 12 rated enclosure.

The solid 3/8" dia. stainless shaft input is supported by two sets of spaced, sealed, & double-shielded ball bearings, allowing the SHAFT-TRACKER to easily tolerate both axial/ and radial shaft loads, shocks, and machine vibrations; significantly increasing the life of the product.

The SHAFT-TRACKER provides both incremental absolute position outputs. The incremental outputs provide real-time data used to track incremental rotary shaft position, speed, or position displacement. A once per revolution absolute zero marker output is provided as a reference/indexing pulse.

The absolute data outputs report true absolute shaft angle, that is not affected by coasting or displacement during a power outage. The absolute outputs can be transmitted several thousand foot long distances with simple 4 conductor cables, and may be used alone or in conjunction with the incremental data to provide: power-up initialization, calibration, or position validation.

The absolute outputs may be: a) event driven by an external proximity/ limit switch or photoeye; to capture a real-time position snapshot, b) shifted out via discrete 5-24V. discrete I/O logic, or c) synchronized by a host clock or command sequence using a standard SSI (synchronous serial) format. A simple shift-in routine available in a ladder diagram type format (CCC app. note #Shaft-PLC-AB).

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