MDSM Series

MDSM Series: Muti-turn Resolver and Component Converter for PCB Mount Subsystems


  • Data memory
  • Absolute output-Bidirectional
  • 10,64, 100 Turns standard
  • Unambiguous crossovers
  • Hi accuracy & reliability
  • All solid state electronics
  • High electrical noise immunity
  • Date unaffected after power interruption
  • Can operate over long, simple cable runs
  • BCD or binary outputs
  • Four or 5 digit display
  • Absolute offset & preset available
  • NEMA 12 & Explosion proof housings available
  • Quick & Simple installation


Computer Conversion's multiturn series of absolute encoders have all the superior features of the single turn DIGI-SHAFT encoders, but are intended to be used when shaft encoding over more than one revolution is required. Standard ratios of 10, 64 and 100 turns are available. The basic transducer consists of two highly reliable size 11 resolvers, and precision gearing mounted in one size 23 or Nema 12 housing. As outputs, Four & Five Digit LED displays, 5 digit BCD or 18 bit binary information is offered. The associated electronics consists of a coarse and fine converter channel and a digital combiner which processes this data into one digital word and guarantees clean, unambiguous crossovers. This entire series is especially suited for encoding applications in rugged industrial applications, and optional Nema 12 and explosion proof housings are available.


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