SCT-RCT Series

SCT-RCT Series Solid State Synchro Control Transformer and Solid State Resolver Control Transformer


  • Allows digital control of existing analog servo system
  • Hi accuracy & resolution
  • AC output
  • Low cost
  • No adjustments
  • Output short circuit protected


The SCT Series are low cost, miniature, solid state control transformers designed for military and industrial control applications. They will directly replace conventional electromechanical control transformers & thus provide digital control to existing analog servo systems. They simultaneously accept a 3 wire synchro input (0) and a digital angle input (0), and provide an ouput which is the sine of the difference between these two input angles (A sin wt sin (0-0) ("wt" is the synchro excitation frequency).

Inputs and outputs are transformer isolated and accuracy applies over the operating temperature range, and over +/-10% input voltage and frequency variations. A typical application of this series is in a conventional follow-up servo loop as the error signal generator. The use of the solid state control transformer makes possible the design of standard single speed position servos that can be digitally programmed to any new position by direct computer input to the digital input of the SSCT.

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