HX Series

HX Series: Explosion Proof Models


  • HX90 is UL listed and labeled


Computer Conversions Explosion-Proof Transducer Housings are designed to operate in hazardous environments requiring an Explosion-Proof Enclosure. Suited with internal (Factory Installed) resolver-transducers; these units can be provided as part of an absolute and/or incremental encoder system. Most transducer cables only require six conductors, shielding is optional, and systems are capable of maintaining 1000' cable runs in severe RFI environments. Typical applications for these devices included spray finishing, grain elevators and liquid level, position feedback transducers. A selection of 3 different housings are offered to fulfill: Mill Duty, FM approval, or small size requirements. All X-series transducer housings feature ball bearing mounted shafts and integral-flexible shaft coupling, for continuous operation up to 3000 rpms.


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