SRB Series

SRB Series: Die Cast Aluminum Enclosure, Isolated 1.5VA Output 2-115VAC @ 360 to 22 KHz


  • Small Die Cast Aluminum Package
  • Conduction Cooled, Foot Mount
  • +/-12 or +/-15VDC Powered Models
  • Transformer Isolated Outputs
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Thermal and Short Circuit Protected Outputs
  • Reverse Voltage Protected DC Power Inputs


The SRB Series are miniature, Bulk-head Mount, low cost AC reference generators to supply moderate power 2-115VAC excitation to Synchro's, Resolvers, LVDT's and related converters in COTS-Military and industrial applications for measurement, control, simulation and data communications.

Models are available for any output of 2-115VAC over a frequency within the range of 400 to 10KHz. They accept +/-15V or +/-12V DC power inputs and provide up to 2VA of transformer isolated output power.

The SRB Series are virtually indestructible, the outputs feature; transient, thermal, and short circuit protection, and the Transformer Isolated Outputs are MIL-T-27 compliant and capable of withstanding high-pot to 500VDC. The DC power inputs also feature reverse voltage protection.

The SRB Series are conduction cooled small bulk-head mount units, packaged in a small 3.1 x 1.97 x 1”H rugged die cast aluminum enclosure with a flange foot mount, having a standard 9 pin subminiature D connector for wiring.

The internal electronics are conformal coated and encapsulated to withstand high shock and vibration. Operating temperature is -40C to +85C on all units.

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