Multi-Track Series

Multi-Track Series: Multi-Turn Resolver and Track with Remote Zero-set and Status Lights, 24V. I/O.


  • Robust Multiturn Brushless Resolver
  • True Absolute Position Feedback
  • Interface to any PLC or Motion Control
  • Incremental & Absolute Data Outputs
  • 1000’+ Cables w/High Noise Immunity
  • Lights-Out-for-ZeroTM Remote User- Friendly “Absolute Offset Control”
  • Bright Data And Power Status LED’s
  • Single +12 or +24VDC Power input
  • 16 Bit Binary Multiturn Resolution
  • 1 to 128 Turn Units Available
  • Universal Data I/O: Source & or Sink, Jumper for +5, +15 or +24VDC Logic
  • Simple Backplane Mount Uni -Track
  • Opto- Isolated Data Control Lines
  • Simple Plug-In Terminal Block I/O


Multitrack Encoders are reliable electromagnetic, absolute multiturn encoders, human engineered for ease of installation and optimum performance in harsh industrial applications. Multitrack Encoders convert from 1 to 128 revolutions of input into parallel binary data representing 16 bits (65,536 parts) of true absolute position data.

Robust Multiturn Brushless Resolver Sensor:

The absolute position sensing device is a Dual Brushless Multiturn Resolver available 4 different configurations:

MT...= Size 23 (2.3” dia.) servo / face mount,

HMT.. = Heavy Duty NEMA 12 &..-SE NEMA 4 Rated Square flange mount

HMT...= Heavy Duty NEMA 4 rated sealed 3” Square Industrial flange mount

HXMT/HX4MT = Explosion Proof versions.

These are all electrically passive devices containing no electronic parts to degrade or fail. They operate over very wide temperature extremes;, Operating Temperature is -40 degrees C to +125 degrees C on all units, and the decoders facilitates cable runs of up to 1000’ long, assuring accurate, reapeatable data even in electrically hostile/noisey environments.

Except for the size 23, all other packages feature integral precision aligned flex isolated floating input shafts supported by dual “spaced”; shielded and double sealed ball bearings packs to optimize reliability, will providing increased radial and axial rigidity. Because these sensors are brushlessresolvers (essentially simple robost rotary transformers): they contain no fragile, dirt sensitive, unreliable optics; assuring very long term reliable performance in the most hostile environments.

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